<![CDATA[Marine Corps Rings]]> https://usmilitaryrings.com/feeds/ Marine Corps Rings Tue, 25 Feb 2020 04:46:37 -0700 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[Marine Corps Ring]]> My wife bought this ring for me for my 60th birthday. I love this ring but lost it a few weeks back. Broke both of our hearts. I would recommend this ring with a black back ground Wears great! ]]> https://usmilitaryrings.com/shop/marine-corps-rings-c-1/mr28-10k-gold-marine-corps-ring-p-594.html <![CDATA[An excellent product]]> We bought the ring as a gift for our son-in-law. He is very pleased with it and wears it every day. The quality is excellent and the finish superb. The sizing was accurate and the communications with the company were thorough, timely and complete. It is well worth the price. >]]> https://usmilitaryrings.com/shop/marine-corps-rings-c-1/solid-sterling-silver-marine-corps-ringmr24susmc.html <![CDATA[Marine Corps Ring]]> My wife bought the ring for me as an anniversary gift. I love this ring. It took a little more time to make as I need a very large size. It is just as advertised. The design is very elegant. I love the simplicity of the E.G.A. on the colored background. It is a work of craftsmanship that shows in every detail.]]> https://usmilitaryrings.com/shop/marine-corps-rings-c-1/mr28-10k-gold-marine-corps-ring-p-594.html <![CDATA[ CJ#8USMCSterling-01 Review]]> I purchased my ring about a month ago and it still looks as great as it did when I received it. Any Marine would be proud to wear a ring from you. I love it and so does everyone that sees it. Semper Fi!]]> https://usmilitaryrings.com/shop/marine-corps-rings-c-1/marine-corps-ring-usmccj8usmcsterling.html <![CDATA[Great ring!]]> bought and now wear this daily. always tell other Marines where they can purchase from. Semper Fi]]> https://usmilitaryrings.com/shop/marine-corps-rings-c-1/solid-sterling-silver-marine-corps-ringmr24susmc.html <![CDATA[Amazing ring for the price!]]> Ordered this ring for my son as one of his graduation gifts. I was more than pleased when I actually saw it in person. He absolutely loved it and has gotten so many compliments on it. I will definetly order all my future Marine related jewelry from here from now on. ]]> https://usmilitaryrings.com/shop/marine-corps-rings-c-1/bootcamp-graduation-ring-marine-corps-ringsmr101775sgrad.html <![CDATA[Marine Corps Ring MR28]]> My father is very pleased with this ring and the company was great to work with, also! We ordered it in white gold, since he can't wear silver, and it's beautiful. He will be proud to wear it. Thank you!]]> https://usmilitaryrings.com/shop/marine-corps-rings-c-1/mr28-sterling-silver-marine-corps-ringmr28sterling.html <![CDATA[completely satisfied]]> Purchased this ring for my husband, quality was even better than I expected. He loves it, I am completely satisfied. Thanks to Dakota for the quick email replies as well, a job well done. :)]]> https://usmilitaryrings.com/shop/marine-corps-rings-c-1/large-marine-corps-ring-with-black-backgroundcjusmclg17sterling.html <![CDATA[Recent purchase]]> I fell in love with this ring months ago and recently placed my order. Like they say, it takes a few weeks to hand craft, so don't get excited when it takes a few weeks. It will come. The first thing to notice is the weight on your finger. This is a solid ring! Sizing matters, so do it right. My new ring fits like a glove and won't fall off. I will be ordering again from this company in the future. Again, it's a solid heavy duty ring. I recommend it.]]> https://usmilitaryrings.com/shop/marine-corps-rings-c-1/marine-corps-ring-usmccj8usmcsterling.html <![CDATA[Awesome Ring]]> https://usmilitaryrings.com/shop/.html