Two Tone Gold Marine Corps Ring



Designed by Marines, Made by Marines, Made in USA!

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Beautiful Gold Marine Corps Ring Stands out with a two tone design, Yellow gold Eagle Globe and Anchor on a Gold Base.  

Officially licensed and Approved by the US Marine Corps.   This ring is for those with smaller hands and is custom made to order specifications.

  • Priced as a 10K White Gold Ring with 14K Yellow Eagle Globe and Anchor.  Options are for 14K White Gold Ring with 14K Yellow Gold Eagle Globe and Anchor, 18K White Gold Ring and 18K Yellow Gold Eagle Globe and Anchor as well as a solid Platinum Ring and Platinum Eagle Globe and Anchor.

  • Each Ring is approx 1/2" at the widest part (top) where the Eagle Globe and Anchor is.  This ring is custom made to order specifications, and does have a solid back.

  • Due to the fact every ring is custom made to order, Please allow 3-5 week for delivery.  We will notify you via email of your order shipping to include tracking number allowing you to track the order once it has shippped.

  • Every ring handcrafted and Proudly Made in the USA

  • Available in Sterling Silver, 10k, 14k, 18k yellow gold and Platinum.

  • Expect 3-5 weeks from ordering for delivery, each ring is made to order received, these are hand cast and hand finished, so each ring will be slightly different but of high quality and detail.

  • Any questions, ideas or opinions about the Marine's Ring - call us toll free:  1-800-876-8028 or email us at:

We are a Service Disabled USMC Veteran Owned and operated small business.  Owned and Operated by Marines!

This Marine Corps Ring design - is another Steve Hosie (USMC Sgt) design and copyrighted by Steve Hosie with the US Copyright office.


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Apr 2, 2014
Very impressed with the product quality and customer service. I always look to give my money to a veteran-owned business and I'm glad I found Marine Corps Rings and Jewelry. I received a phone call from the owner after I emailed an inquiry. A phone call! I haven't done business with a company that cared enough to personally call me in years! Timely service as well. Very happy! I will definitely use this company again. Semper Fidelis!!

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