If you are looking for custom designed jewelry or custom designed Ring - you should give us a call: 1-800-876-8028.  

Certified Diamonds at exceptional value.

We do not sell our diamonds at "retail pricing".  Some call our pricing wholesale diamond prices.  Our clients have found that purchasing diamonds from us becomes a true investment for them.  Most clients will find positive value within all items we design and produce for them, between what the client pays and what the end resulting replacement value is appraised at.   Are you looking for quality diamonds at exceptional prices ?  give us a call:  1-800-876-8028


Custom Designs

Our designs are done by professional jewelers, all whom still practice the Art of fine Jewelry design and manufacturing.  All of our work, from design to finished product is performed within our shop located in Lakewood Colorado USA.  Everything is done "in house", this ensures the highest quality of design and finished product for our clients.  As one of our clients, you can contribute as much or as little as possible to the design of the jewelry item you desire.  Your design can be a simple picture, drawing where we would reproduce as drawn or you can provide us a sketch/drawing that we can utilize as the basis to start with and together articulate your desired results.

Come to us with your basic ideas, and we will work together with you in producing the desired end result.  At any point, you can provide your input and make changes to the design.

We do cast our jewelry in all levels of Gold (10k, 14k, 18k, 22k), White or yellow Gold, Platinum and Sterling Silver.   Our jewelers have the knowledge and experience to create and produce you the finest custom Diamond rings that you desire from simple designs to very complex.

So give us a call:  1-800-876-8028


Engagement and Wedding Rings

We can design your custom wedding set or custom engagement ring.  You can of course also choose any one of standard settings from our wide variety of options for your wedding rings or engagement ring.  Yes, we have styles for both Men and Women available.


Use of Technology

We do use Computer Aided Design (CAD) and wax modeling in order to bring our clients a higher degree of design perfection for their custom jewelry.  This allows us to create designs, email photos of the "design" to our clients, allow our clients to preview - consider and ask for any changes, prior to carving the wax and casting their custom diamond ring or custom jewelry.  We can utilize technology, saving our clients time and money, yet to provide the highest detail possible within their custom designed jewelry.

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